Rejuvenating Face Serum 煥顏護理油

Rejuvenating Face Serum 煥顏護理油


Rejuvenating Face Serum 煥顏護理油 15ml 

Our Rejuvenating Face serum consists of 12 plant-based oil which combines the wonderful ratio of different vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that your skin need daily. Hydrate your skin without clogging pores, so that it can stop producing excess oil and find the balance it needs. This quick-absorbing oil form a natural lipid barrier to lock in essential nourishment, while protecting against pollution in the environment. 

Pumpkin seed oil】One of our main cold-pressed plant-based oil derived from pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seed oil can work wonders for healthy skin, because of rich vitamin A and E, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc, tryptophan and a host of potent antioxidants.

Pomegranate seed oil】 contains a high concentration of ellagic acid and punicic acid. The former reduces skin inflammation and aids in skin repair whist hydrates our skin and prevents moisture loss. The latter fatty acid protects the skin from sun damage and fends off free radicals.

Peach kernel oil】 contains linoleic and oleic fatty acids along with Vitamin E and A. It has anti-ageing properties that promote the elasticity and suppleness of skin. It is usually helpful for mature and dry skin. 

Camellia seed oil】 is a rich Oleic and Palmitic Linoleic fatty acids, as well as polyphenols. Up to 80% of its fatty acids are composed of Oleic fatty acid (Omega-9), a remarkable transdermal carrier and very effective in enhancing skin ability to retain moisture.

Meadowfoam seed oil】 is made of a 98% long-chain fatty acid which has a higher triglyceride level than virtually any other vegetable-based oils. It contains more than 60% Gadoleic acid, which is an unsaturated fatty acid present in several vegetable oils, similar to human sebum, it has a high absorption power in the skin, it moisturizes without a greasy feeling.

我們的煥顏護理油由12種植物油組成,結合了您每天皮膚所需的不同維生素,脂肪酸和抗氧化劑的黃金比例,將功效達至最高。 有效保濕肌膚,不會堵塞毛孔,因此可以停止產生多餘油脂,找到所需的平衡。 這種快速吸收的油形成天然脂質屏障,鎖定必需的營養,同時防止環境污染。

【石榴籽油】含有高濃度的鞣花酸和石榴酸。 前者減少皮膚炎症,有助於皮膚修復,使我們的皮膚保濕,防止水分流失。 後一種脂肪酸可保護皮膚免受陽光傷害,並抵禦自由基。



【山茶籽油】是富含油酸和棕櫚酸的亞油酸脂肪酸,以及多酚。 高達80%的脂肪酸由油脂脂肪酸(Omega-9)組成,這是一種卓越的透皮載體,在增強皮膚保濕能力方面非常有效。

【白芒花籽油】種子油由98%長鏈脂肪酸製成,其具有比幾乎任何其他植物油更高的甘油三酯水平。 它含有60%以上的甘油酸,這是一種不飽和脂肪酸,存在於幾種植物油中,與人體皮脂相似,在皮膚中具有很高的吸收能力,滋潤而沒有油膩感。


Apply 1-2 drops to warm that in your palms. Press gently on face unit it been absorbed.取一至兩滴於掌心打圈,按壓方式按在臉上直至吸收。

RECOMMENDED FOR: All skin types especially sensitive, eczema, acne.

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